For more than 60 years, people in the Nashville area have escaped to Cedar Creek Yacht Club for weekend experiences they can find nowhere else in Middle Tennessee. Some come for the state-of-the-art marina; some for the natural beauty and gentle lake breezes. Others come for the friends, the food and the full calendar of events and parties. Still, other are looking for fun including swimming in a salt-water pool, tubing, fishing, tennis or a drink on the porch. Whatever the reason, generations of families and friends have enjoyed the casual elegance that defines this comfortable, classic Club.

Nestled on Old Hickory Lake, Cedar Creek Yacht Club is located by land in a woodsy curve of Benders Ferry Road and by water at Mile Marker 233.3. Regal, sky-high cedar trees line the drive leading to more than 61 acres of cultivated woodland.

As you journey down Benders Ferry Road to Cedar Creek, it's a sure contradiction to the senses. There is so much to see, take in, savor along the way that it becomes a labor in self control to keep your eyes on the road-a seeming eon and instant from Hwy 70 to the entrance of Cedar Creek Yacht Club. The anticipation of this little piece of heaven makes the drive unbearably long, yet the sights and sounds along the way ease the time in traveling this little highway by the lake.

At the first sight of water, a lone fisherman in a small boat casts for the day's trophy; a duck crosses the creek, a perfect V-shaped ripple in the water behind him. Little marsh coves along the way, brim with little mysterious treasures. Overhead, the crows raucously caw, taunting you, "you're not there yet" The sounds of soaring geese overhead beckon you on to the finish line.

And then there you are. A black steel gate is your last obstacle! Rows of sturdy cedars salute you as you pass by. The gates close behind you and Benders Ferry fades away. That curious country road has brought you home ... once again.

Coming to Cedar Creek Yacht Club is like taking a vacation every weekend! Our goal is to cultivate an environment where members can relax with family and friends, a place where each member can count on quality service, enticing food, entertaining events and the type of beauty that only "Mother Nature" can supply. If you enjoy breathtaking sunsets, playing with your kids at the pool, taking time for a round of tennis, and meeting new friends with common water interests, then you need to join us. A retreat to Cedar Creek Yacht Club is like a vacation without ever having to leave home.

We welcome you to come and find for yourself the best kept secret on the lake. Come experience it all soon!